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Vittoria Ricotta

QBS President 2009 - 2012

Vittoria Ricotta, QBS Past President

Ifirst joined QBS as a transfer student in the spring of my freshman year. Coming from a 15 year background in classical dance and years of private ballroom lessons, I knew I wanted to dance in college.

QBS first appealed to me because of the welcoming feeling that surrounded the group. Unlike most dance teams, QBS accepted everyone, partner or not, at any level of dance experience. My first experience with the group got me hooked-I immediately felt like I was part of a family and my love for ballroom dance and the people involved exploded from there. I knew I wanted to continue the uniqueness and support of the family atmosphere that nurtured a love for ballroom dance, so I became as involved in the group as much as I could. I took extra private lessons, began competing, and started to take home titles. Soon enough, my hard work paid off and the previous president had asked me to step up as Vice President for the remainder of my freshman year.

As I learned the ropes of choreography, QU club, rules, and weekly lesson planning, my love for the group grew. As a sophomore, I began acting as the president and remained in that position until graduating in May 2012. It was my personal goal to gain recognition from the university, Hamden community, and QU students while I acted as president. I wanted to nurture a love for dance, create a supportive and safe environment for learning, and produce a fun, strong, and free spirited eboard that had not been implemented previously. For me, it was most important to keep the non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere that QBS so uniquely had. I know that as a lonely freshman, I relied on QBS as a home away from home and I wanted to make sure that remained as the heart of the group. With that implemented, I put in place a strong eboard and a group of core members to be the first QBS members to perform in front of the university and compete as unaffiliated couples.

Within my first recruitment meeting as president, there was a turn out of over 70 students interested in joining QBS. QBS's first Midnight Madness performance in October 2011 was a huge hit and the university finally began recognizing the group.

QBS was asked to dance as future events both in and outside of the university. Soon enough, the group was on the road to being chartered and being recognized as a club sport. As such a small group in a division 1 university, I was thrilled to see the support of QU for our little family. With the university's support, myself and my eboard were finally able to throw fundraiser parties, hire professional teachers, and put together the largest event in QBS history-Dancing with the QU Stars. With almost a year of planning, the March 2012 event went off without a hitch, raising thousands of dollars for both Camp Sunshine and QBS. This event will now act as an annual fundraiser for charity.

As the years have passed, with my support, I have seen dancers graduate to high levels of performance, bring home high titles from unaffiliated ballroom competitions, learn to choreograph and event plan, gain recognition from the university, and most importantly, continue on the family environment at the heart of QBS. I know that I have left the group in the best of hands that will continue to nourish that family atmosphere and develop the group to its highest potential. I look forward to seeing how far this little family can grow.

last modified January 26, 2015
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