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Stephanie Azzarello

President 2015 - 2016

Stephanie Azzarello, QBS Past President

Name: Stephanie Azzarello
Graduating Class: 2016
Major: Psychology
Executive Board Position: President

I have always loved the performing arts, and I originally joined Ballroom Society my freshman year because I thought it would be a good supplement to the one-credit ballroom class I had decided to take.  After the first meeting I immediately felt right at home in QBS.  Not only did I find a new creative passion in ballroom dancing, but also I found friends that I would not trade for anything.  I can honestly say that the best moments of my college career have come from being part of this family and I’m so grateful for the amazing experience that I have had in QBS.  While I love rhythm dances, salsa would have to be my absolute favorite.  I highly recommend Ballroom Society to anyone who wants to learn about dancing, make some great friends, or even just push themselves a little bit out of their comfort zone.  I can personally guarantee you won't regret it!



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