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Eric Turcio, QBS Founder


Eric Turcio, QBS Past President and Founder

Dancing has always brought me into a world where I can be my authentic self.   It takes me away from the everyday routine and allows me to smile, laugh, and most importantly, relax.  I have been dancing since the age of two when I began to move around the dance floor, imitating my grandparents dance steps.  To this day, I continue to love dancing only now I dance in professional competitions.  I started Ballroom Dancing at the age of eleven.  I began by taking dance lessons and being coached to compete in Dance competitions.   I began these lessons at the "Dance in Rhythm," Dance Studio in Branford, Connecticut.  Ballroom Dancing has helped me with self-confidence, self-respect, proper social skills, and the ability to move across the dance floor with a level of proficiency that I never thought I would ever master. 

Shortly after I came to Quinnipiac University, I found out that it never had  Ballroom Dancing on campus.  Once I learned about this, I decided it was time there was such a program.  I talked with Linda we worked to create a Ballroom Dancing class which became a huge success. As a result of this success I worked to start a Ballroom Dancing Club, where students can just come to relax, have fun, and learn some new dance moves.  In the first year alone, there were over 160 students who signed up to join the club. I am proud of having worked to get a Ballroom Dancing class started where students can now get PE credit for taking Ballroom Dancing. 

Ballroom Dancing consumed a major portion of my time away from Quinnipiac University. When I was not at Quinnipiac, I performed in various Ballroom Dancing showcases along the Connecticut Shoreline until moving to California.  I compete in local, regional, and national competitions where I have ranked in top categories.  I am involved with many community organizations where I help raise money by Dancing for them or by providing entertainment for various charity events.


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