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Chris Flaherty

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Christopher Flaherty

QBS Co-President Spring Semester 2013

Chris Flaherty, QBS Past Co-President

Before Quinnipiac I always had a fascination with ballroom dance, but never thought I would go anywhere with it. I took a chance when I made the decision to sign up and learn more about Ballroom Society at my Freshman Orientation. Three years later I head into my fourth and final year with Quinnipiac and The Ballroom Society, and I have no regrets with that decision. The Ballroom Society has taken me to places never imagined, and has helped shape me into the person I am today. In truth, that is because of the people I’ve met in the society. You come for the dance, but you stay for the people. My recommendation to any QU student is to at least attend one meeting. Take the time to meet this remarkable group of individuals. I’ll be the one performing a “stylized” cha-cha in the corner.

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